Bodybuilding for Women: How to Build a Lean, Strong and Fit Body by Home Workout
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Bodybuilding and weight lifting seems, to most people, like an inherently male pursuit. However, there are numerous benefits of bodybuilding for women. If you've been thinking about building up your body, improving your fitness level overall, or just becoming stronger – consider bodybuilding. You have a lot more than muscle to gain. Bodybuilding can promote weight loss, specifically the loss of fat. It also increases your strength, speed, and overall athletic performance. There are also health benefits; you'll decrease your risk for osteoporosis and you'll increase the flow of blood and oxygen to all your major organs, including your brain.
This quick bodybuilding guide is specifically designed for the woman who wants to exercise and build muscle from the comfort of her own home. Inside you will learn:
• Bodybuilding exercises, including warm-ups, dumbbell exercises, yoga, gravity workouts, and more
• A 7-day workout plan
• Bodybuilding nutrition
• The importance of protein and how it affects muscle health and growth
• Bodybuilding tips for beginners
With this book you will have at your fingertips everything you need to make the most of your bodybuilding experience, whether you are starting from scratch or need a handy reference to flip through.
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