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The Saskias are always on standby to do things only a couple of super girls can accomplish, rescuing people and preventing disasters as the SuperTwins. But they still have their ordinary lives to live as two young girls - at least one of them is. Moving house and sorting out all Richie’s stuff breaks the last link between Richie and Saskia. Now there is only Saskia - forever. Chicago is where the girls are sent to fix a problem with a stalled building project, which also sees them using their super powers for themselves for a change as they visit Niagara Falls. Their guide and mentor, they call simply Voice, sends them back to 1973 to fix something that would have had profound effects beyond the 50th Century. The same Voice is apparently happy to shunt them around in time when both the Saskias and the SuperTwins need to appear together, particularly at the funeral of a policewoman. Saskia is affected quite badly when she is unable to prevent Beth getting shot. Despite watching one of Saskia Hunt’s school friends getting married, both Saskias realise they won’t go down that road themselves, they now have evidence to suppose they are still there and together after another thirty thousand years.
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