Colin's Nightmare
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Colin the librarian is an unremarkable little man, who one day at work finds a very rare, very unusual book. It does not belong to the library. On opening it he sees the title 'Colin's Book' and inside it is a beautiful blue bookmark with a red phoenix on it. The bookmark gives him extraordinary strength and resolve and leads him and his little dog Sammy into many exciting adventures both in the past and present... This fantastic new addition to the series contains four more fun-filled frolics featuring Colin, M the invisible Emu and their friends. Children of all ages will enjoy these stories written by much-loved children’s author Merv Lambert. The Lady Vanishes With the aid of the phoenix on the magic bookmark, Colin and Auntie Flo travel to Las Vegas in the 1990s, where with M they release Colin’s mother Margaret from the power of an evil stage hypnotist, and all is revealed as to why she disappeared when Colin was only a young child. Can the phoenix reunite the family once and for all? Recycling the Past Colin is transported to London late in the reign of Queen Victoria. Riding a penny-farthing bicycle he pursues and captures a thief. When he then finds himself in Australia with Sammy and M, an opportunity presents itself for Colin to enter a penny-farthing race. Can he win the race? And why do the policeman and his fiancé look so familiar? Colin’s Nightmare A disagreement about music leads to Colin finding himself as a 16 year old teenager at a T.V. disco with strange music, no conversations and a crowd of young people texting as they dance. When M and some friends appear, a fight breaks out. Can M help calm things down? And will Colin make it to the fun-run he is due to compete in? Viva Jellysox! Colin’s great friend Jez Jellysox unwittingly arouses the dislike of Ulrika Spitz, the sister of the famous speedway rider Hugo Spitz. Jez, under the influence of the phoenix, performs a breath-taking Wall of Death ride on a motorbike all around her. Jez’s girlfriend is kidnapped and he enlists Colin and M to help track her down. Can they find her? Will the two sweethearts finally get to marry? And what is M doing with an Elvis wig?
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