Expert Secrets – Emotional Intelligence: The Ultimate Guide for EQ to Improve Anger Management, CBT, Empath, Manipulation, Persuasion, Self-Awareness, Self-Discipline, Self-Regulation, and Social Skills
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Significantly Improve Your Emotional Intelligence Using PROVEN Tips & Techniques Straight From The Expert!
Are your relationships suffering because of your poor empathy, self-awareness, and social skills?
Do you want to significantly improve your anger management skills so you can better regulate your emotions?
You’re not alone!
Many people go through life thinking that something’s wrong with them or feel guilty because they constantly lash out at their loved ones without meaning to.
We understand, and you’re not alone! Help is on the way!
Author Maxwell Jensen has crafted EXPERT SECRETS: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE — a life-changing guide for people like you who suffer from anger and emotion regulation issues.
With this life-changing guide, you will:
- Learn what your emotional intelligence level is using an INSANELY accurate test
- Significantly benefit from personal and social competencies of emotional intelligence
- Accurately understand emotional drain and skillfully avoid energy vampires
- Apply PROVEN strategies for improving emotional intelligence at home and at work
- And so much more!
In EXPERT SECRETS: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, you will be given SIMPLE, ACTIONABLE steps that will help you boost your EQ and improve your anger management, using REAL-WORLD tips and techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy, empathy, manipulation, persuasion, self-awareness, self-discipline, self-regulation, and social engagement.
Never let your negative emotions get the best of you ever again!
Scroll up and Start Listening!
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