Exploring Self-Pleasure - Sensual Meditation
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Do you find it difficult to experience sensual self-pleasure? You may have a mental block that might prevent you from indulging in it. To stop yourself from doing so, and bottling up the desire, could lead to greater social ills. You are a child of nature and should feel free to explore your sensuality in a healthy way. Being intimate with yourself could help you improve your mental health and feel liberated. To make it happen, you need to relax and let go. In the Exploring Self-Pleasure series, you will be guided in the exploration of your body and how it reacts to your emotions. It will be the deepest connection that you will feel with yourself. You will be able to feel the tiniest of impulses that your body generates and react to each of its nuances. As you progress further into the session, you will realize that your inhibitions are starting to melt away. You will also begin to feel empathetic towards yourself and generate intense energy that will culminate and explode in a cornucopia of pleasures.
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