I am Ahimsa
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I am Ahimsa, Cultivating Ahimsa in Everyday Life is an audio about the 1. Yama of Patanjali´s Yoga Sutras. Ahimsa means not to injure; harmlessness through thoughts words and actions towards yourself, others and the environment. In Patanjali's Yoga Sutra (2.35) it says In the presence of one whose thoughts and actions are harmless, all living things become peaceful and harmless. In this audio we explain Ahimsa and like to share a guided (ca. 6 Min) Meditation ”Imagine – I am Ahimsa” Sources: ”Seven Lessons in Conscious Living” ”The Science of Self-Realization (Patanjali´s Yoga-Sutras)” ”How to use Your Creative Imagination” by Roy Eugene Davis © 2020 – Walter Berger, www.meditiere-einfach.info
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