Jilly's New Neighbours
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Jilly Maclean wanted for nothing, except sex. Every day was much like every other, she jogged, she washed, she cooked...she was bored and frustrated. If it weren’t for her fantasies, largely concerning assorted delivery men, she wouldn’t even have had anyone to talk to. Then one day, new neighbours moved in. Being such a good looking couple, they were a big improvement on the old ones and Jilly began to spy on them over the garden hedge. That’s how she saw Pippa letting herself in the back door with a hidden key...a key Jilly could use when they went shopping...just to satisfy her curiosity. Everything in the house was new and pretty...and very disappointing, there were no secrets, not until Jilly noticed the door beneath the stairs. It led to a dungeon, not a grimy one, but one with red carpets and shiny mirrors on the wall and...restraints and contraptions...and Jilly just had to try...as long as she didn’t get stuck...Oh dear! Nothing to do but wait ‘till her new neighbours get home.
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