Joanna's Training - Volume 2
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When an American dominatrix hears of the emergence of a new and attractive transvestite, Joanna, who is a complete ‘tv’ virgin, she realises that some intensive training is needed to develop the girl from a shy, retiring virgin into a fully-experienced and willing tart… and in the process, she reckons she can have a lot of fun training her too. The fact that Lady J is in America and Joanna is in London holds no problem for Lady J as she begins to issue the girl with instructions by email… specific instructions that she requires the girl to carry out when Joanna visits London clubs and events. Immediately after each event, Joanna must email her a report explaining how she obeyed her new Mistress, including full, intimate details of everything that happened to her. These reports, from the eight events that the girl was told to go to, are now brought together in Joanna’s Training... a highly sensual and erotic series of sexual encounters with men and women, Masters and Mistresses. Sometimes painful, from spankings and canings, sometimes embarrassing, with spectators watching her, and always exciting, they document all of the reluctant Joanna’s ‘tv’ virginities being taken from her as she’s sexually 'used' over and over again to the order of Lady J. By the culmination of her training, Joanna has become fully experienced, having had her initial innate reluctance gradually transformed into an eagerness to please whoever wishes to enjoy her. This is not fiction. Joanna, Lady J and all the other people occupying these pages are real people. All these events actually happened, only a few short years ago. Joanna’s Training is a true and genuine account of Joanna’s sexual awakening right through to becoming the ‘pleasure girl’ that she now is, intimately described in her own words.
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