King or Kaiser
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This is a story of rebellion. In 1914, as the Kaiser’s ships threaten the trade routes to Britain, the Westminster government asks South Africa to destroy the Windhoek wireless station that keeps the Kaiser’s navy advised of ship movements around the Cape. First, however, the South Africans must deal with a rebellion by those who choose the Kaiser rather than the King. As the Royal Navy battles with the Kaiser's sailors, Koos Jacobs, a young coloured man, rebels against his brother, Abel, being beaten by a farmer and they go on the run. When the Army mistakes Koos for white, he rebels against officers being chosen by the colour of their skin and doesn’t correct them. As an officer, further rebellion finds him in Intelligence under Captain Phoxx. This apppointmkent takes him into battle with instructions to be captured and escape. 'Should be easy,' Phoxx tells him. His escape, with Abel's help, leads him to espionage and desperate deeds. There is a price to be paid for rebellion, however. Will the army discover his coloured background and quietly murder him? Will it be the happiness of the white girl who fell in love with him when he saved her from possible mugging?
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