Make Your Body More Sensually Responsive - Sensual Meditation
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We spend a lifetime devoted to focusing on pursuing our vocation. We block out many things from our life and get incredibly good at a few things. We become champions at our work and excel at it. Somewhere during our climb to the top, some of us find it challenging to enjoy intimacy. If this is you, it is at this juncture that you will need to learn and let go. You need to have your mind and body be guided to experience a different, and possibly newer, side of yourself. You need to learn to broaden your perspective and open up. In the Make Your Body More Sensually Responsive series, you will be guided in deconstructing your persona. It will be as if you are modifying the mental constructs that you have developed over all these years. Doing so will enable you to visualize the possibilities for sensual exploration. As you progress through the session, you will notice the activation of sensations throughout your body that will enhance your sensual inclinations.
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