My Secret Life, Vol. 6 Chapter 15
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My Secret Life is the longest autobiography ever written. Penned anonymously during the 1800s by a wealthy and sex obsessed English gentleman who refers to himself simply as 'Walter', it offers an eye and thigh opening account of life behind closed doors in the Victorian era. Banned from publication for its extreme and explicit content for nearly a century, My Secret Life has now come to life as an immersive audiobook, narrated and scored by film composer Dominic Crawford Collins. Volume 6 Chapter 15 With Janet next day. • On the Quays at night. • Very cheap amusements. • Chaffing the ”Whures.” • A feel for sixpence. • A fuck for a shilling. • I give luck. • Reckless whoring. • Two sisters again. • Bonnetless and barefooted. • Uprighters. • Sukey holds the stick. • Adjacent copulators. • ”Our claes air nae clan.” • Sukey on the bed. • More finger-stinking. • Bilked at E***b***h. • Introduction and explanation. • An episode of war. • A Paris acquaintance. • The lady of the captain. • Lushing and blabbing. • His disclosures. • My lust for her. • The lady's suspicions and anger. • Her interrogatories. • My admissions. • Her revenge. • On the sofa. • A clandestine visit. • The captain's country visit. • A locum tenens. • Sixty hours of love. • Difficulties with the servant. • The lady's beauties.
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