Now, you know my mama’s a gambler (sweeper, whatever...), so I guess I got to blame her for a little of this. When the band got invited to do a big gig here in Las Vegas, I was so excited. Really excited. And when we got here, I was dazzled. A little too dazzled. I blame the lights and the money and does Vegas pump a scent through the entire town that makes you think you’re a winner, or what? Because I gambled all our money away. And by “our,” I mean the band’s money. All of it. Every dang cent. Only no one knows. They’d kill me. So I have to find a way to make all that money back. I have an idea. I got a good body and a smart mind. (Quit laughing). I can do this. I can fix this. Really. It’s just gonna get a little weird for a while. Random Acts of Vegas is the ninth book in Julia Kent’s New York Times-bestselling Random series. When the band performs in Vegas, anything goes – including Darla’s dignity and all of the band’s savings. When a savior appears, though, there’s a trade-off for being rescued. A big one. How far is Darla willing to go? Oh, please. It’s Darla. Like you even have to wonder... This book is told from the point of view of Darla, Trevor, and Joe. [Note: this book was previously published under the title Random on Tour: Las Vegas]
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