The Complete Guide to Foraging Edible Wild Greens in North America:
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In a world where the future is uncertain, food and water will turn out to be a scarce commodity. Foraging will become, for some, a way of life, and it will be their only chance of survival when facing the great outdoors. Foraging is a skill that has become forgotten, and even though it was used by our ancestors on a daily basis, today, we mainly hear about it in movies or survival TV shows. I'm glad to see that this subject is still alive among the preppers and survivalist communities, and it was one of the main reasons that pushed me to write this book. I realize how important it is to keep this knowledge alive as one day it may save the reader's life. The advantage of gathering your own food from fields and woods is that they are fresher and don't have chemicals on them. Although the law governing foraging is very complex, in a survival situation, you will have all the rights to collect wild fruit, fungi, flowers, and foliage for your personal use. This book aims to help the layperson identify and use edible greens that are found throughout the United States. I've also added at least one photograph for each plant for easier identification, but I've also listed the scientific names so that you can further research the plants you're interested in. This guide should accompany any person that goes into the backcountry, and it will be a worthy companion in your foraging adventures. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Be safe and be wild! Bob Rodgers, Owner of
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