The Cure Is Sometimes...
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Aged 71 and in poor health, Mary is resigned to the fact that she has not long to live. She inherits an amulet, together with some money, a house, and a young lodger. She reads her grandfather's diary and learns that her life will be turned around completely. She now has sixty years instead of just six months. At midnight her body will lose 24 hours and any injuries she has sustained will never have happened. She will suffer all the pain and trauma, but only until the new day begins. She must keep her situation secret and will have to leave her friends and family after a few years. Gerald learns of the secret and helps her with her first disappearance', when she becomes Noelle. He also establishes the means by which she can keep track of her grand daughter, Kate, throughout the following years. She becomes, in turn, Nolly, Avril, Emma, Glenda, and Annette, falling in and out of love, suffering terrible injuries, experiencing great happiness and sadness, yet still retains her sense of humour and zest for life. Given a similar set of circumstances, how would you cope?
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