The English Rugby Union Grounds Quiz Book
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Are you a fan of rugby union? Do you watch all the big matches? If so, you may well have visited some of the English rugby union grounds but how much do you know about the interesting events that have taken place at these famous venues over the years? Why not tackle the 101 challenging questions in The English Rugby Union Ground Quiz Book and find out. Which ground hosted the first England v Wales rugby international fixture played on 19 February 1881? Why is Twickenham affectionately known as the ‘cabbage patch’? What was the venue of the last England versus Scotland international rugby union encounter held outside London, in 1897? Dip inside this book to learn the answers. With questions on the history of all the well-known grounds this book is sure to appeal to fans of rugby union. Take it along to the next rugby match and test your family and friends but be prepared for one or two surprises.
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