The Hit Woman's Assassination Handbook
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How and why does a not yet 16 year old, gorgeous stick blond with an IQ of 170+ after jettisoning a Private girls school in Montreal, become a “Contract Killer?” This is Mandals Story. She is a genius, OCD, Bi-Polar, Manic are a few of her mental Illnesses. Her elite parents are about to drug her genius out of her mind. Thus, not yet 16, she runs. Over ten years later, after being a nude dancer, grifter, whore and finally a killer and being the concubine of a violent and obese monster in New Jersey, she runs with nearly a million dollars of his cash. Thus the hunt for her, by the mobster’s violent crews of sociopathic soldiers as she drives across the USA in her old Cadillac begins. Her destiny changes when she breaks down in a last chance Texas desert shit hole called “Inferno Flats.” It is a violent and ghastly place run by the maniacal and deadly COX family, Mava, Billy and his brother Arvan. They run a secret drug empire, and with the crews from NJ hunting her, she must lie, grift and use her violence, her knowledge of guns and above seduce everyone in the Cox family so she can escape. All of that changes, when she meets the 3rd brother, Jason Cox, a hideously burnt ex Green Beret which is a gifted savant of all things of life. He is a mysterious Shaman to the desert Indians. She falls in love with him, thus her plan for his and hers salvation begins to form in her insane and gifted mind. Does she make it out alive? We shall see.
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