The House of Erotica Witching Hour
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Inside you will find thirteen creepy erotic short stories. From shapeshifters to wild nights with the dead, there's a spooktacular theme to suit everyone. Drawn this Way - Victoria Blisse Mary Dresses as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween and ends up finding her perfect Roger! Owned - Isabel Holley Maggie attends the famed fancy dress Halloween party at Bojangles hotel and meets a hot stranger who opens up a whole new sexy world for her. Sucking the Succubus - Nicky Raven Each Halloween night the Succubus roams free over the earth visiting many of us whilst we sleep. Looking deep into our minds it uses what it sees and makes us do the things we would never usually dream of doing. Long Lost - Heather Lin Brian and Lacey are former high school sweethearts kept apart by Lacey's overbearing grandmother. Even years after her grandmother's death, Lacey refuses to have anything to do with Brian. In fact, she takes on a few of her grandmother's tendencies, becoming prudish and reclusive and refusing to speak to Brian until one day, out of the blue, she invites him over. The Hole - Vanessa de Sade Its Halloween and Wendy finds herself imprisoned in a small cupboard which has a waist-height hole in the wall, linking to the boys' college at the other side… Love Fucking Hurts - Victoria Blisse Cathy and Andrew take a trip to Scarborough to work on their failing marriage but things take a ghostly turn when Cathy chooses retail therapy over spending time with her husband. Hidden from View - Gemma Parkes A busy Halloween party has Sophie and Liam looking for somewhere quiet to share a little sexy fun. Their passion is further fuelled by an impromptu voyeuristic opportunity. But is there more to this steamy encounter than meets the eye? True Love’s Curse - Tilly Hunter Hedgewitch Nadine knows that something is drawing her to a particular Welsh valley near the home she’s chosen to escape the bustle of modern life. But it’s only when a rock gives way under her foot that she finds him, a fairytale prince shackled to a slab of slate. She does the only thing one can do when faced with a fairytale prince: she kisses him. And then she has to work out how to summon the spirit of his true love and free him from the evil queen’s curse. A Party to Remember - Lucy Felthouse It’s Halloween and Tawny’s dressed to kill as she attends a party. Her outfit attracts the attention of a vampire wannabe calling himself Dracula. Quickly realising he’s unwilling to get out of character, Tawny labels him crazy and gives him a wide berth. Unfortunately, he corners her later on and decides to show her just how realistic his costume is. Dragons Flair - Elizabeth Black Thom accepts a dinner date with Phoebe on Halloween,and he 's very nervous about it. Not only is it his first date in a long time, he has a secret - he's a dreagon. Can he enjoy his date without becoming so nervous he sets her flat on fire? What Thom doesn't know is that Phoebe has a secret of her own that will make their date very thrilling. See You Next Year - Nephylim On a stormy Halloween, she returned to her old family home for her yearly appointment with fate. He waits for her and the flames in the jack o lanterns that light her way are nothing to the flame she ignites in her heart and his loins If I Ask - Annabeth Leong Locked by accident overnight in the Cimetière de Montmartre, a man discovers much more than statues and cats. The spirits who linger there would happily feed on the vitality of the living, but, nursing a broken heart, the man will take any companionship he can get. He shares a bottle of wine with the ghost of a mysterious woman, and in the process becomes fascinated by her hunger. The man longs to feel wanted, and even when she warns that she can no longer give pleasure without causing pain, he wants to taste the depth of her need. Overscratch - Daddy X Ariel has something that needs scratching. She attempts to subdue the itch in an obscure bar outside town… but finds overscratch instead.
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