The Last Moon Boat
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The Last Moonboat A small village in a valley reluctantly welcomes a solitary man who wishes to spread love and happiness among the local children; with rather unexpected results. And what about dabbling with the Great Magic in your attic? It can be done obviously...but....There again we have all been students trying to make a little extra money for minimum work haven't we? It's lucky we did not end up in this 'highly des. Res ' perhaps! And the power of the Moon – still working her timeless power it seems in this modern tale.....while other ancient forces are at work in Russia after a trip to the ballet no less. While in a cultural mood – maybe a trip to a Cathedral would prove less than boring. And remember not to waste time – the hero of this next tale was an expert on that topic; for a while at least. And, finally, back to the Mother Moon's influence for the book's title story. More memories for you, more mysteries to intrigue you!
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