The Redacted Sherlock Holmes - Volume 5
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Five sensational Sherlock Holmes stories by Orlando Pearson followed by three meditations hinting at the most radical theory yet about the Great Baker Street Detective. A Type of Infamy - Holmes investigates a mysterious disappearance in 1938; The Fourth Student - shocking events in the worlds of athletics and medicine; A Question of Time - Holmes, Churchill, and Realpolitik at Britain's finest hour; The Sleeper's Cache - the sequel to the Bruce Partington Plans with Machiavellian manoeuvring by Mycroft; The Other Woman - Holmes's second female nemesis and a musical discovery; and Three Holmesian Meditations - an investigation into the true nature of the enigma that is Sherlock Holmes Mr Pearson's previous works have been hailed by the Church Times as ”Clever, thought-provoking, and terrific fun”. This description applies just as aptly to this latest collection. A must for traditionalists, lovers of crime fiction, and anyone who likes a thrilling read.
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