Are you a dedicated supporter of Sunderland AFC? Can you recall all the facts and figures that have contributed to the club’s long and successful history? Do find yourself arguing points over past games with family and friends? Then test your knowledge of your favourite team with this tribute to the Black Cats. The 1,000 challenging questions in this quiz book will certainly put you through your paces with sections on players, managers, transfers, fixtures, kit, trophies, club honours and all those memorable matches that have made Sunderland into the team it is today. Knowledge of what has gone before enhances our understanding of the present and this gem of a book is packed with information that will guide you from the team’s beginnings to more recent events. Educational as it is entertaining, The Sunderland AFC Quiz Book is sure to provide hours of fun for young and old alike. This book is a must have for all followers of the Black Cats and anyone with a keen interest in football.
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