XOXO contains six kinky erotic stories set around February the 14th. Whether you’re relaxing at home or celebrating with someone special this Valentine’s day, these provocative stories will certainly set the mood. Girls’ Day Out - Lucy Felthouse Best friends Adriana and Sarah are not happy. Their husbands, Joey and Brent, are away at an overnight conference on Valentine's Day, and have packed their wives off to a spa for the day to make up for it. The girls would have preferred to spend the day with their husbands, but are determined to make the most of the unexpected treat. But it soon becomes apparent that things aren't quite what they seem. So Oft Beguiled - Nicole Gestalt Feeling left behind by the world Cupid gets dragged into the 21st Century and introduced to the world of online dating. Be My Valentine - White Knightro A spicy yet romantic tale about a man loving his wife and putting her pleasures first. Porn Interrupted - Victoria Blisse Pete's Valentine's night of surfing for porn is interrupted by an unexpectedly sexy phone call. Valentine - Vanessa de Sade Valentine runs away to join the circus but finds a fulfilment she didn't expect…. The Spoon - Rigel Madsong A chance meeting, lunch and the magic of a spoon lead the way to romance.
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