The Adventures of Pete the Bee: The Complete Collection of Fifty Stories
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'The Adventures of Pete the Bee' is the complete collection of all fifty stories complied from the series of ten 'Pete the Bee' books (each book containing five short stories) written by British author Paul Cook. Pete and his best friends: Shebdon the shire horse, Greggor the goose, Brandon the fly, Claridge the cat and Brambles the sheepdog live on a farm somewhere in the English countryside with Farmer Geoff, his wife and their four daughters: Alice, Grace, Rose and Nell.
'A series of misunderstandings, muddles, mishaps, bad judgement and, often tales with a moral, contribute to a wide variety of story lines which will engage and delight children and adults alike.'
These lighthearted short stories are suitable for children of any age - and parents too. The 'Pete the Bee' stories were originally conceived as stories to be told by the author to his son Matthew. The stories are also available to buy as audiobooks on Kindle.
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