Be Ye Transformed
The Bible tells us that the goal and purpose for every Christian is to be “conformed to the image of Christ.” God wants us to genuinely walk in His Agape Love, display His wisdom and depend upon His power, not just talk about these things.
This book will help you learn how to moment-by-moment renew your mind. No matter what your situation or what you have been through, God will make you more and more like Jesus.
What is the Mind of Christ? What does it do and how does it work? What are the ”hidden chambers” of the Temple, and how do they relate to our own inward, secret part?
Exploring these and other critical issues, Chuck and Nancy have written a practical handbook for those who are serious about identifying the Will of God in their lives--being transformed into Christ's Image (by the renewing of their minds). Without this transformation, we will simply be conformed to the world's image and not Christ's at all.
”Without a renewed mind our lives will remain the same as they've always been, no matter what we do or try. No matter how many Bible studies we attend: how many Scriptures we read: no matter how often we go to church: and, no matter how much we pray, if we don't have a mind change, our lives will still have the same problems, the same failures, and the same defeats as they always have.”
The Be Ye Transformed Series is dedicated to exploring the authority and power of God that we, as Believers, already possess to ”free us” from anything that is not of faith and allow us to walk genuinely in God's Love and Truth.
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