Black Cat - Erotic short story
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”He slipped behind me and gently sodomises me while his fingers caressed my clitoris with skill. I faced the sea where the moonlight was reflected. I couldn’t help but noticed the beauty of the landscape and this splendour added to the intensity of the moment.”
In Busan, Korea, the atmosphere during the environmental conference made Alia, a great reporter, excited, perplexed and angry. And if she expected action, she would get some!
Between an unknown woman with feline beauty who moved with extraordinary flexibility and speed, and the inspector ”Apollo Colombo”, handsome as a god and breathing authority, who was investigating a black cat and a vampire woman... Alia's heart beat fast.
After ”A Trip To Ancient Egypte”, find our reporter Alia in a new police investigation tinged with fantasy and eroticism. Born in Montreal to a Breton father, Chrystelle LeRoy’s family owned a zoo from which she derives a passion for observing animals and nature. As an adult, she became a historian, working for museums in Canada and France before specialising in digital writing where she won several awards. She introduces a dose of exoticism into her novels, often built on a background of historical reality.
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