Book Three of Five
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David Hughes has written a further five intriguing short stories put together in this collection, Book Three of Five. In the first, 'Deadly Chocolates', the police are in a race against time to catch a lethal poisoner, who seems to be attacking the general public without rhyme or reason - or is the lack of motivation an illusion? Someone once said that eyes are the windows to the soul, and in 'Hawk Eye' we read of a very different slant to this quote. The next story will have you squirming as you read of a mass exodus of rats from the sewers in 'Rats Overground', and then wondering what on earth can have been the cause. Was it down to nature or was mankind involved somewhere along the line? 'Russian Whisper Black Death' begins with two everyday Russian families living in the same village in Russia, who would never have dreamed that their actions would nearly spark a major diplomatic incident between two superpowers. After you have read 'Serial Conspiracy at the Surgery', a visit to the doctor will never be the same again - always take a friend or relative with you!
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