Book Two of Five
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David Hughes presents a further five intriguing short stories in which scheming and plotting are uniting themes. 'Osama bin Laden’s Children' tells how the male offspring of the head of the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda may have been hidden away and groomed by the elders to work undercover in enemy countries; 'Black Rain' shows how two opposing gangs could be used to unwittingly provide cover for other, more sinister organisations in the heart of London; and in 'Coma' a happily married woman experiences a terrible riding accident which leaves her in a coma, and on regaining consciousness, life is never the same again. 'Missing Glue' is the intriguing title for a story which illustrates how technology can work against a country when misused, especially when relying on the ability of others; and the final story, 'Nice Man He Lied', reveals how easy it is for trusting people to be manipulated by corrupt individuals for their own insidious designs!
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