Over-busyness, judgment, resistance to change, fear of admitting failure, intense competition – is burnout inevitable? Do we need to suffer for the sake of pursuing our mission?
Leaders who are dedicated to mobilizing social change are often the first ones to experience burnout. Those committed to taking care of everyone and everything tend to neglect themselves and hit the wall, time and again.
Davida Ginter's book sheds light on the growing phenomenon of burnout and its root causes. Through personal and vulnerable stories of people from around the globe, this book paints a vivid picture of the real - yet often hidden - struggles of dedicated leaders.
The practical guidance within “Burning Out Won’t Get You There“ lies in the form of comprehensive advice, approaches, and hands-on tools that offer you clarity in cultivating personal and social wellbeing.
In the words of the author: You deserve to lead without burning out.
About the Author:
Davida Ginter is a global changemaker, a system’s shaker, and a sought-after speaker in the field of burnout prevention and emotional resilience. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Enkindle Global, where she leads with her team systemic change towards flipping the script of burnout.
She is a Participatory Leadership and Non-Violent Communication facilitator, two approaches she endorses both in life and at work. She resides in Israel with her spouse and three young curious human beings.
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