These are the last words of David, so we read at the commencement of the chapter. Many have been the precious sentences which have fallen from his inspired lips. Seraphic has been the music which has dropped from his fingers when they flew along the strings of his harp. But now that sweet voice is to be hushed in death. And now the son of Jesse is to sleep with his fathers. Surely it were well to press around his bed to hear the dying monarch's last testimony. Yes, we can conceive that angels, themselves, would, for an instant, check their rapid flight that they might visit the chamber of the dying mighty one and listen to his last death song. It is always blessed to hear the words of departing saints. We shall notice first, that the Psalmist had sorrow in his house ”Although my house is not so with God.” Secondly, he had confidence in the covenant ”yet He has made with me an everlasting covenant.” And thirdly, he had satisfaction in his heart, for he says ”this is all my salvation and all my desire.”
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