Experimental Sexuality - Sensual Meditation
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Do you want to test the limits of your heightened sensual passion? A lot of people give up on exploring their true desires and stay within their comfort zones. As a result, they do not experience the extremes of unbridled sexual experimentation. Our deepest primitive impulses characterize and define us as people. To explore the boundaries of what sexual pleasures are possible, you need to let your imagination roam within you like a wild stallion. In the Experimental Sexuality series, you will be guided into visiting an intensely personal space within yourself and lead an exercise in visualizing your sexual desires. Being aware of your profound intimacies will exacerbate their nuanced nature and enable you to experience a colorful frenzy of sensual delight. As you progress through the session, you will notice your mood improving and your mind running in all sorts of creative directions. You will be inspired to be in harmony with your world and to explore your free-spirited nature.
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