On the Fifth Night
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Death is a delusion. See for yourself. Greta, Anne, and Mark make an unusual love triangle. Greta is the late wife who died of Huntington’s disease. And Anne, the volatile second wife, sees dead people. Husband Mark is a consulting engineer with no inclination toward flights of fancy until Anne’s shocking death. He’s convinced he spent hours in conversation with her, but she was already lying lifeless in a coroner’s office miles away. The doctor tells him his experience is typical of psychotic episodes induced by trauma. So begins Mark’s journey into the paranormal. He worries his experiences are symptoms of his cracked mind, but the enlightening presence of Anne, and a spiritual teacher’s wisdom, begin to convince him otherwise. Then indisputable proof. Mangled metal and dismembered bodies fade from his sight as he enters the eternal sea of consciousness. It is time to know that the good doctor’s diagnosis was wrong. Time to look and see for himself that the line between this world and the next is blurred, and death is a delusion.
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