Golf Short Game Mastery: 13 Tips and Tricks for Mastering The Wedge Shot (Golf Mental Game, Golf Psychology & Golf Instruction, Golf Swing Techniques)
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Turn your Lousy Short Game Into Your Game Winning Moment!
Let's be honest...being ”just good enough” is good enough for your average golfer. They break par here and there on a weekend trip to the course, but they never truly get good at the game.
And by good, I mean breaking par each and every time. I mean sinking those ”impossible” shots where your buddies' jaws drop. I mean never having to buy the post-game rounds of beer again.
That was my problem 20 years ago. I hated having an unpredictable scorecard, I hated being laughed at, and most of all, I hated losing.
That's when I got serious about the game. I studied every trick, tip, and tactic under the sun, and I can tell you, if there's one thing I learned at the end of it all, it's that the key to winning is all in the short game.
Fortunately for you, you don't have to read the two dozen books that I did to master the game. I took all of the best tactics & winning techniques to get your short game up and running, and jam-packed them all into one easy-to-read guidebook to take you from loser beginner to a rockstar on the course.
If your golf game is lacking that close range finesse, then stop right here. This is the only short game guidebook you will ever need, because, quite frankly, I've read them all. It's time to step up your game, take it seriously, and start winning consistently.
Inside This Game-Changing New Book, I Will Teach You...
•How to Setup for the Perfect Wedge Shot
•The Shot-Sinking Short Game Stance
•The Short Backswing Method
•The Controlled Release Technique
•Reading the Terrain Like A Savant
•The 10 Toughest Wedge Shots & Much More!
When you have the the right equipment, the right advice, and the rarely talked about techniques that the pros use, you have all the makings of an amazing wedge game.
It's time to take your short game to another level. Scroll back up and click BUY IT NOW!
Your golf game will never look better!
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