Have a Greater Sensual Charisma - Sensual Meditation
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Over the years, our life might turn out to be bland and unexciting. It becomes ordinary and predictable but leaves us unable to sensually mesmerize our partner. Deeper intimacy eludes us and, even if we desire it, it does not surface. If this seems like your life, you will need an internal makeover before your magnetic and naughty self can emerge when you wish. The trick is to feel like something fluid that can adjust to any situation and make the most of it. In the Have a Greater Sensual Charisma series, you will depart on a journey of self-discovery through various exercises to reach out to yourself. You will be guided to soften up and you will feel yourself being born sensually. As you progress through the session, you will find yourself being rejuvenated, more relaxed, and more sensually aware of yourself. Your feelings will be fuller, more pronounced, and better attuned to receiving and giving pleasure.
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