A Journey for Two
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There’s nothing like the fresh mountain air, waves crashing against the beach, the wind caressing your chest, the water touching your sex...
This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains following short stories:
”The nudist’s delightful dilemma: How was he to carry the beautiful, naked woman who had sprained her ankle?” Cote de Pussy by Martin, Nyborg
”A young man approached. He walked slowly, studying the women, especially those with no clothes on.” A Journey for Two by One of Them
”She is with her husband on a trip to the Med. Goes for a walk alone and finds the nudist beach.” Summer Heat 1 by Otherwise Pretty and Innocent
”At Orrestrand, people, you choose between walking to the right or to the left. There’s inspiration to be found in the dunes.” Cosmic Babe Blues by Your Husband, Rogaland
CUPIDO – the magazine for intimate, horny pleasure – has been publishing erotic fiction based on readers’ everyday fantasies and sexual experiences since 1984.
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