Orphaned as a young child, the beautiful young Sheena knows little of the English side of her family and has been brought up by her Irish uncle, Patrick O'Donovan, who never liked her father and who is passionate in his dislike of the English and everything to do with the English
And there is nothing that Sheena would not do for him as he is all the family she has ever really known.
So when he asks her to journey to the Embassy of Mariposa in Paris to take up a job as a Governess to two small children and to pose as a widow several years older than her age of twenty-one, she complies with Patrick O'Donovan's wishes despite quite a few misgivings.
Once she has arrived in the exciting City of Paris she even begins to enjoy the strange adventure, particularly as there are two handsome gentlemen constantly in the Embassy who begin to show their interest in her.
But soon she is trapped by her own web of deceit.
Expected to spy on her employers and elicit sensitive information for her uncle's shady associates, she finds herself falling hopelessly in love.
But how can he ever love her when he discovers how she has deliberately deceived him?
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