Made New

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Audiobook: 14.12.2021

How would your life change if you were certain of your identity? If you could know that Someone loves you, sees you, and wants to be close to you--just as you are? In this weekly devotional for Catholic women, you're invited to soak in God's Word to embrace your identity as a beloved woman made in God's image.

Authored by Blessed Is She, a popular Catholic online community for women, Made New walks with rich reflections through the Gospels, substantive Scripture for prayer through Lectio Divina, and prompts for spiritual growth. Over the course of 52 weeks, you'll uncover:

how deeply God knows who you are and loves who you're becoming.why you belong to God's family.what it means that your true identity is as God's your belief in God's love affects your you are becoming more yourself as you follow God's plan for your life.

Made New is for any Catholic woman who wants a stronger sense of self-worth, deeper peace in her identity, and a richer relationship with the God who loves her. Each devotional entry includes:

a Scripture referencea devotion written by a Blessed Is She authorprompts for reflection

This devotional will draw you into relationship with a God who is loving, mighty, and committed to your flourishing, a God who advocates for you, a God who delights when you come to Him. Be made new as you journey through a year of thought-provoking devotions, inspiring personal stories, and heartfelt prayers.

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