Use the mental training developed by Dr. Frank Mildenberger to give your life a completely new direction. Shape your life in a positive way and use the creative power of your thoughts, feelings and imagination to make powerful affirmations a reality. With an affirmation, you are saying yes to your inner reality, which until now has been overshadowed by your ego. Your immortal core being is activated by positive affirmations, however, and can make your inner truth reality in your life. When you have become conscious again of your creative powers, your new truth and reality will take on a material form. Bring your affirmations to mind in your imagination or speak them out loud. Connect the word with the power of your thoughts and the power of positive feelings. Focus on these affirmations, on the thoughts, your mental image and the joy that flows out of your heart while you do so. This is the fastest way of turning your new reality into material form. These affirmations are repeated several times until they have become firmly anchored in your subconscious and have reconditioned old beliefs and thought patterns that are stored away there. Speak your chosen affirmations quietly, so that they can unfold their subtle effect. The entire album is accompanied by magical, powerful music. Increase your flow of money and your professional and private success. Manifest a successful life. Tracks: 01: Introduction 02: Expert 03: Expert Subtle 04: Energy 05: Energy Subtle 06: Reputation 07: Reputation Subtle From the first moment on, experience a new quality of life, a new form of vitality, gratitude and joy. You will experience an even greater level of gratitude when you have enabled your inner image to become external reality. Then, at the latest, you will realise that you are a true creator. Enjoy the experience! I wish you from my heart a life in prosperity and affluence! The effectiveness of this product is not subject to guarantee. No promise of healing is made. Liability is generally excluded. Texts: © Copyright by Dr. Frank Mildenberger; Composer: Andreas Hoegel (Vinito) – GEMAfrei; Cover: © Copyright by Tr3 –
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