MIXtipp Favourite Gifts (british english)
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ARE YOU ALREADY INTO THERMOMIXING? ”Small gifts maintain friendship!” This proverb is absolutely true: whether at Christmas, for a birthday party, a garden party or a short visit with great-aunt Dorothy - a gift will warm hearts and make friendships. But do you have a hard time coming up with a unique idea for a perfect gift most of the time? Well, never fear, Team mixtipp is here! With this book we have created a compilation of the best DIY products of our author Andrea Tomicek. Here, you will find original and fancy gift ideas that all can be made at home with your Thermomix in no time at all. Starting from fruity Orange Oil, Tomato Relish or Cakes in the Jar to Rose Liqueur or even wellness products like Coffee Scrub - we have it all. And with all these wonderful homemade creations you will surely impress and wow your friends, family, and colleagues. Just as it is with all our books: all these products can be made with a TM 5. So, have fun trying our recipes and making people happy!
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