MIXtipp Ice Cream favourites (british english)
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Do you want some ice cream? Sure! Time is always right for ice cream, whether in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, whether at temperatures of + 30°C and higher or far below freezing. A Frozen Latte on a shiny summer day, a consoling Chocolate Shocker for a broken heart or a fancy specialty like Alina's Ginger Dream - with this compilation of recipes of our author Alina Henke and your Thermomix create your favourite ice cream as if by magic! This compilation includes recipes starting from refreshing parfaits, tasty sorbets and granitas, ice cold frappes, up to creamy-sweet milk ice cream and delicious cream ice cream that enchant your senses. Alina Henke not only gives useful tips and tricks concerning issues like manufacturing ice cream even without an ice cream machine or hygiene, but also gives information about the exciting history of ice cream which already began in ancient times. And of course, like with all our books from the mixtipp-Team, all recipes can be mixed super fast either with a TM 5 or a TM 31 - just the right thing for a hot summer day!
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