The Nut Case
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Does Octavius have a doppelgänger? Could be! One who’s insisting that he is the Great Bear. The Octavians insist that he is a nut intent on creating chaos or worse. The plot gets much thicker. It seems the real target of this complex charade isn’t Octavius at all. It’s Howard, the porcupine genius who’s the world’s leading expert on alternate universe travel. And the Admiral, a mad Zebra on an alternate planet, wants to capture Howard to enable his dastardly strategies for cosmic conquest. Otto the Magnificent is commissioned by Octavius to scuttle the Admiral’s plans. Little does the Zebra know how potent the little lutrine is. Does romance rear its head? Well, maybe. Enter Priscilla, a very clever porcupine femme fatale who gets Howard’s spiky attention. Life gets curiouser and curiouser.
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