One Familiar Tune
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Ethan, Nicole, Dani, Liam, and Cooper kept vigil all night in the hospital waiting area, eager for news on Lauren's injury. Aunt Sylvia hasn't left her side. Liam comes clean with his brother, and the huge weight of that burden is lifted—but will Liam be able to meet Cooper's conditions for helping him out of this mess? Dani and Nicole collide with a hospital employee—literally. Was it intentional or just obnoxious? Either way, the man's green shoes send Dani on a chase for justice on her own terms. Ethan finally starts home to Columbus, although he fears the damage is already done to his residency and his career. Maybe his future lies elsewhere anyway. And combined with what Sylvia discovered in Quinn's box, the information Jack digs up makes it clear that Ethan must face his past. Will the aftermath of Lauren's trauma be the catalyst that finally connects all the dots to find Quinn and solve the mysteries of Hidden Falls?
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