A Town in Trouble
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Finding Quinn's car wrapped around a tree doesn't ease anyone's mind that he'll reappear safe and sound. Could he have walked away from the accident unscathed? Rumors fly, as everyone in Hidden Falls wonders what kind of trouble Quinn must be in—and as they begin to realize the trouble they're in without him. Lauren tries not to panic as she pieces together the plans for the health fair. Ethan risks his job to finagle more time to help Nicole look for Quinn. Young children, students, church members...so many people rely on Quinn to simply be there—and now he's not. If Quinn is okay, why wouldn't he let anyone know—not even Sylvia? That hurts more than she'd like to admit. The stress and fear of it all, combined with her mother's creeping dementia, just might undo her—especially when big trouble comes knocking down the door of her shop.
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