Start a study group using videos of Nancy teaching an actual Way of Agape Seminar. In her warm and down-to-earth style, Nancy shares how understanding God's Agape Love has changed her life, and how it can change the lives of others.
Nancy shares, ”Wherever there is a relationship, God's Way of Agape is needed. It doesn't matter if you have been a Christian seven months, seven years, or 77 years. It doesn't matter how many Bible studies you attend, how many Scriptures you know, or even how many books you write, it's still a moment-by-moment choice to love God and walk in His Way of Agape.”
The Way of Agape series covers such vital issues as:
What is God's Love, and how does it differ from human love?
Why is it so important that we know God loves us? How can we be sure?
What does it really mean to love (agapao) God in practical terms?
How do we genuinely love others as ourselves? What if we have ”justified” reasons not to want to love them?
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