The Wisdom of Father Brown
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”And the young woman of the house,” asked Dr. Hood, with huge and silent amusement, ”what does she want?” ”Why, she wants to marry him,” cried Father Brown, sitting up eagerly. ”That is just the awful complication.” ”It is indeed a hideous enigma,” said Dr. Hood. ”This young James Todhunter,” continued the cleric, ”is a very decent man so far as I know; but then nobody knows very much. He is a bright, brownish little fellow, agile like a monkey, clean-shaven like an actor, and obliging like a born courtier. He seems to have quite a pocketful of money, but nobody knows what his trade is. Mrs. MacNab, therefore (being of a pessimistic turn), is quite sure it is something dreadful, and probably connected with dynamite.
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