Cheerfulness as a Life Power: A Self-Help Book About the Benefits of Laughter and Humor

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The soul-consuming and friction-wearing tendency of this hurrying, grasping, competing age is the excuse for this little book. Cheerfulness has a wonderful lubricating power. What is needed is a habit of cheerfulness, to enjoy every day as we go along; not to fret and stew all the week, and then expect to make up for it Sunday or on some holiday. This book leads the reader to look on the sunny side of things, and to take a little time every day to speak pleasant words. A pioneering book emphasizing the virture of cheerfulness as a character trait and attitude that empowers a person and positively influences others. Through quotes, anecdotes and personal wisdom, Marden teaches that a cheerful demeanor and grateful heart truly create such desired states as health, success, prosperity, attractiveness, and hopefulness. A short and sweet reminder of how to program the soul. Learn how to be someone everyone likes, admires, and wants to be around. In this simple but profound little book lies the power to change your life and bring joy wherever you go! It is a pleasure to publish this new, high quality, and affordable edition of this timeless book.



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