For Love of Country

A Story of Land and Sea in the Days of the Revolution


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Cyrus Townsend Brady's 'For Love of Country' weaves an enthralling narrative that brings to life the fervor and turmoil of the American Revolution. With deft storytelling and a palpable respect for historical accuracy, Brady's work is a finely crafted tale of love, valor, and sacrifice at a defining moment in American history. The novel, perfecting a blend of romanticism with visceral depictions of maritime and terrestrial warfare, fits neatly into the larger canvas of early 20th-century historical fiction — a genre that sought to both entertain and edify by reinterpreting the tales of national heritage. Brady's transcending literary style and vivid character portraits guide readers through a pivotal era in a gripping and enlightening manner.

Born amidst America's burgeoning identity, Cyrus Townsend Brady (1861-1920) was an ordained Episcopal priest who found his vocation in literature. His background in theology and a deep-rooted sense of patriotism often reflect in his works. Writing 'For Love of Country' may well have been an act of reverence, a contribution to the collective memory of the nation's founding narratives. Brady's manifold career spanning the military, clergy, and writing lends a comprehensive perspective to his storytelling, which is rich in historical details and moral undertones.

Suitable for both history aficionados and lovers of adventure tales, 'For Love of Country' offers a compelling fusion of historic events with human drama. Scholars and general readers alike will appreciate Brady's commitment to the authenticity of the period's ethos, bridging a literary gap between the modern audience and the Revolutionary epoch. As with many classic works reprinted by DigiCat Publishing, this edition presents a necessary opportunity for readers to rediscover and appreciate Brady's novel as a piece of cultural heritage that continues to resonate with contemporary themes of patriotism and valor.



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