Bokomslag för A Fable for Critics

A Fable for Critics

A Humorous Critique of Literary Trends and Personalities in 19th Century America

Beskrivning av boken

In James Russell Lowell's 'A Fable for Critics', the author cleverly satirizes the literary figures of his time through a series of witty and humorous poems. Written in the format of a mock-heroic poem, Lowell's work offers a unique and entertaining insight into the literary world of the 19th century. Through sharp and incisive verse, Lowell provides commentary on the literary trends and personalities of his era, making the book a valuable resource for understanding the cultural context of the time. The poems are filled with clever wordplay and allusions, showcasing Lowell's talent as a satirist and poet. 'A Fable for Critics' is a must-read for those interested in American literature and the history of literary criticism. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of 19th-century letters, while also providing entertainment and insight for contemporary readers.