Bokomslag för Fangs Out

Fangs Out

A Cordell Logan Mystery

Beskrivning av boken

From award-winning author David Freed, Fangs Out is the second installment in the pulse-pounding Cordell Logan series.

Moments before he is executed, the man who killed Hub Walker’s daughter makes a troubling allegation: that the real murderer was Walker’s close friend, an important US defense contractor. Walker—famed Vietnam War veteran and hero-pilot—is looking to hire someone willing to hunt down information that will refute the claim and help restore his friend’s good name. Enter Cordell Logan: civilian flight instructor, would-be Buddhist, and retired military assassin.

Logan takes the job, thinking it will be a bit of a breeze, and an opportunity to rub shoulders with a living legend. But after flying to San Diego in his beloved Cessna—the Ruptured Duck—he is swiftly pulled into a perplexing and dangerous puzzle. The deeper he digs, the murkier the waters become, and the more dangerous it gets. Who really killed Walker’s daughter, and why? Somebody doesn’t want Logan asking questions—and will stop at nothing to silence him.