Bokomslag för People Like Her

People Like Her

Beskrivning av boken

'Brilliantly original' – Clare Mackintosh, author of After the End

'Deliciously dark and devious' – Red

'Highly recommended' – Harriet Tyce, author of Blood Orange

'Gone Girl-esque' – The Times

‘I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough’ – Abigail Dean, author of Girl A

People like Emmy Jackson. They always have. Especially online, where she is Instagram sensation Mamabare, famous for telling the unvarnished truth about modern parenthood.

But Emmy isn’t as honest as she’d like the fans to believe. She may think she has her followers fooled, but someone out there knows the truth and plans to make her pay . . .

A smart and thrilling debut that delves into the darkest aspects of influencer culture, Ellery Lloyd’s People Like Her is about what you risk losing when you don’t know who’s watching . . .