Valiant Dust

Valiant Dust

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"Valiant Dust" is a French Foreign Legion adventure novel by Percival Christopher Wren. The news spread like wild-fire throughout Cantonments that big Lieutenant Le Sage, returning from furlough, had brought his notably beautiful, extremely fascinating, and provocatively charming and intelligent wife with him to Morocco. The joy of the officers of the garrison of Mellerat was unconcealed; that of their wives, well concealed. Within a month, the popular, brilliant, and successful Lieutenant Riccoli made no secret of the fact that he was head over ears in love with her. In a careless move one evening, Riccoli kisses Madame Le Sage, but her husband is just in time to see him do so. He challenges Riccoli to a duel in which Riccoli is humiliated, and leaves the camp immediately. But the shamed soldier vows to come back and replay the duel. And this time, he swears to leave Lieutenant Sage a dead man…



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