Chakra Healing Meditation Part 2: Guided Meditation To Learn The Throat & Heart Chakras, Learn To Love and Heal Yourself, and Cleanse Your Mind, Body & Spirit
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Do you know what your heart truly wants? And if you did, would you know how to communicate it and be heard?
Psychological surveys have found that 95% of people think they’re self-aware… but only 15% really are.
We live in a high-energy world, but every new technological advancement takes us further from ourselves. We have learned how to cut ourselves off from our true selves.
But there’s a solution, and your body already knows it.
When our Heart and Throat Chakras are blocked or unbalanced, we feel emotionally trapped and unable to speak our truth. But this doesn’t have to be the way life is.
By learning to channel your energy through the Throat and Heart Chakras, you’ll find the peace, truth and light you didn’t realize you were looking for.
In Chakra Healing Meditation Part 2, you’ll be guided towards balance, enlightenment and understanding. You’ll discover:
The key questions to ask to learn the root of your problems
The warning signs that your chakras are blocked
How to find your centers of emotion and truth
The secret to ending emotional isolation
How to prepare for a successful meditation every time
The key mantras you’ll need on your journey to enlightenment
The essential techniques you need to move energy through the body
All the tools you need to be whole again
And much more.
Feeling lost and lonely is just part of life, right? Wrong. It’s how we’ve trained ourselves to be. Anything worth doing is hard, and that includes embracing our truth. But it’s the answer to a higher understanding of our emotional center and a deeper connection with the universe.
72% of Americans feel lonely. But when we understand the power of the Throat and Heart Chakras, we can change this statistic.
If you’re ready to learn your truth and open up to the universe, click “Add to Cart” now. Cleanse. Heal. Grow.
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